The entire Jack London’s universe, without any snow!

This brand new activity will lead you in the heart of the Finish forest.
Imagine : you get closer to the meeting point and a strange sound rings out… wolves ? No, just about fifty sled dogs awakening their ancient nomad instinct ! And yet no snow… Yes, here is a brand new activity: canicross.

Mushers have just replaced their sleds by vehicles. The forest paths give the dogs the same urge to run, snow or not.

For a 2,5 hours session, our mushers will introduce you to the dogs, the way to prepare them and to the driving of these strange vehicles that permit the dogs not to stay inactive during the long no-snow season (except when the temperature is too high).
According to the weigh and motivation of participants, you will be assigned a team from 2 to 5 dogs. Just let the sensations come! But do not forget a hug to your one-day best friend!
Join us of the wolves trail…

65€ per person
Family price: 45€ per person, 3 persons minimum
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