Discover one of Finland’s most beautiful natural parks

The Hossa park has a reputation as one of the most beautiful natural parks in Finland. A few kilometres from the Russian frontier, below the Arctic Circle, the region is dotted with numerous lakes and rivers.
With over 100 km of waymarked trails maintained by the park’s forestry service, it is a paradise for hikers. With its lakes and canyons, forests and rivers, enjoy this natural conservation area where peace and tranquillity reign.
The trails present no particular difficulties and are accessible for everyone. All along your hike you will find designated places for lighting a fire, and here and there a shelter.

We offer accompanied hikes led by an expert naturalist. Our staff will also be delighted to give you information about hiking opportunities. Hiking maps are on sale at the hotel reception.
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  • Trek canirando in Ivaara

    60€ / pers. a day - From July to August

    Hike and relax in the middle of the fabulous landscapes of the Hossa Hiking Area with a lovely friend: a sled dog.


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