Hossa Natural Park

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Simply unique!

Hossan Lomakeskus is located in the middle of the gorgeous scenery of the Hossa natural park, in the Kainuu region of Finland, on the banks of Lake Hossa.

This idyllic spot offers amazing possibilities. It’s a hiker’s paradise, set among crystal clear lakes and rivers. Its varied, hilly terrain is unique in Finland. The natural backdrop is shaped by ice ages and by prehistory: the unique Värikallio Cliffs site has a whole series of stone age rock paintings dating back some 3500 or 4000 years. The forests of the region are incredibly well preserved in their natural state.
In this rare setting, lovers of wide open spaces will find everything they could wish for. Come and explore, and stay “Finnish-style”. There is a range of activities on offer: in summer it’s the ideal place for hiking, with over 100 km of waymarked paths. You can also canoe downriver, swim in the clear water or go mountain biking in the forest.
In winter, when these majestic landscapes are blanketed in snow, the possibilities for activities are limitless: cross-country skiing, dog-sledding, snowshoe hiking, snowmobiling... The park has close to 100 km of marked, maintained paths in the heart of the untamed taiga.
The area has a great reputation for hunting and fishing. Hossa is a paradise for anglers. Fishing and hunting permits are sold at the hotel reception, along with fishing equipment.

We offer all these activities in summer and winter:
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Our staff will be delighted to provide you with all the information you need to make your holiday go perfectly.

Watch "Lost", a short movie filmed in Hossa by Ugo Richard, with our team: