A complete program to enjoy the northern winter

We offer you a complete program to get to know the Finnish winter.
On your program for the week: snowmobile safari, dog-sled safari, snowshoe hiking, ice fishing, visit to a reindeer farm. If you want choose your activities among the many offered.
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  • Our multi-activities programs
  • Multi-activities in Hossa

    8 days - From 1500€ - From December to April

    On the menu of the week: snowmobile safari, dogsledding safari, snowshoe hike, ice fishing, visit to a reindeer farm. You will also have one day off, with many possible activities to choose. A program that has been famous for many years!

  • The wolves trail

    8 days - From 1790€ - From December to April

    Leave for two days on the crunching pads of your dog sled, pulled by a pack of eager Huskies and Greenland dogs. Then after a relaxing day around activities like ice fishing or a visit to a reindeer farm, you leave for two intense days on your snowmobile. Finally, you enter in the heart of the boreal forest with snowshoes. Back from this extraordinary adventure, the echoes of the Great White still resonate long in your memory.


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